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Climma, from the same manufacturer as Frigoboat, has a comprehensive line of Compact (self-contained), and Chilled Water systems for vessels of all types; from runabout to mega-yacht.

Most of the Climma Compact systems are primarily available in European-standard power of 230v 50 Hz, but are also available as special order items in 115/230v 60Hz. Coastal Climate Control currently stocks the Compact 4.2 in 115v/60Hz

Coastal Climate Control offers the smallest and most efficient air conditioning package available - the Climma Compact 4.2. This is available either with reverse-cycle heat or as cool-only and will cool/heat either a small-to-medium cabin on a typical cruising yacht, the whole interior of a smaller vessel, or serve as a "face-freezer" dashboard outlet on a small runabout.

All components and ancillary items are made to be 12v DC compatible, so now with just a small inverter on board, you can enjoy the comfort of being cool and dehumidified whenever the engine is running, whenever the batteries are providing the power, and of course from shore power or a generator.

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Compact 4.2 COOL ONLY air-conditioner
Versatile, powerful, and quiet 4,200 btu mairne air conditioner, cool only cycle. Includes Vega M..
Compact 4200 btu RevCycle air-conditioner
Versatile, powerful, and quiet 4,200 btu mairne air conditioner, reverse cycle. Includes Vega MK3..
EasyStart 364 Compressor Soft Start
Reduce your air conditioner compressor start load by at least 50%! Reducing the start-up load means..
$318.00 $286.00
Vega II remote control
Remote control for the Vega Mk II digital display. Used with Climma compact air conditioning 230/50h..
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