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Time is Now for Lithium Batteries on Your Boat

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Challenge your Limits

Are you ready to consider Lithium-Iron-Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) for your boat or RV? Do you want to make a long-term smart investment for cruising enjoyment, giving you one less thing to worry about – dead batteries or not enough battery power for your DC load, i.e. power hungry equipment on board like a microwave, air conditioning, or electric engine?

Lithium batteries have far more useable capacity than lead acid; charge much, much faster; offer better support for heavy loads; are about half the weight; and have a cycle life many times that of lead acid equivalents; to name just a few attributes.

We stock and highly recommend RELiON, a premium deep cycle lithium battery manufacturer with one of the largest LiFePO4 product offerings for your boat, be it a kayak or super yacht or your recreational vehicle, whether it’s a golf cart or Class A motorhome.

These batteries have their own internal BMS (Battery Monitoring System), plus voltage, temperature, and current sensors, and a fast acting disconnect that will isolate the battery if anything gets out of limit.

Consider that these batteries are as safe as lead acid versions and are simple to install and maintain. There is up to 90% useable capacity in RELiON batteries compared to 50% in lead acid versions, and no chance of sulfation.

RELiON batteries will accept huge amounts of charge current, if available, and for the complete charge cycle. There is no initial bulk charge and then a long acceptance mode, as is seen with lead acid batteries, just full-on bulk charging from beginning to end.

You should be able to use your existing chargers, but you'll need to check the alternator regulator(s) to ensure there is a temperature sensor on the case of the alternator to reduce charge current when the alternator gets to its temperature limit.

So, what are you waiting for? Be the leader and let the others follow your good example.

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