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FX-1 and EasyStart

FX-1 and EasyStart

easytouch fx-1 control displayCoastal Climate Control offers two solutions for your marine air conditioning needs - the FX-1 digital control and the EasyStart compressor soft-start device.

FX-1 digital controller updates your boat's air conditioning or chiller system at a fraction of the cost of a new system. No more getting up in the middle of the night to make adjustments, the FX-1 allows you to "set and forget" your desired temperature giving you complete control and flexibility over your system. The FX-1 offers seventeen easy-to-program modes, including a convenient Dehumidification mode. Easily installed by the do-it-yourself boat owner, the FX-1 works with all popular air conditioning and chiller systems.

The EasyStart compressor soft start device, by Micro Air, adapts to your system to determine the best starting characteristics for the minimum start current draw. It may allow your air conditioning system to be started with a smaller generator or even just an inverter.


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EasyStart 364 Compressor Soft Start
Reduce your air conditioner compressor start load by at least 50%! Reducing the start-up load means..
$318.00 $286.00
FX-1 Cabin Control with EasyTouch Display
This easy to install kit replaces either the manual (3-knob) and early digital air conditioning cont..
FX-1 Display Panel with 15 ft. Cable
This easy to install kit replaces manual (3-knob) and early digital air conditioning controls on all..
FX-1 EasyTouch Display Vimar Bezel
Vimar Eikon Reflex Bezel for the FX-1 / FX-2 EasyTouch display. This is a plastic bezel, graphite c..
Plastic Mount
Black plastic moulded mount designed to hide any holes in bulkhead or wood work left after conversio..
FX-1 and FX-2 Easy Touch Display
FX-1 (and FX-2!) EasyTouch air conditioning control Upgrade your current FX-1 or FX-2 display to th..
FX-1 Standard Digital Display with internal sensor
The FX-1 standard digital display with internal sensor replacement part from the FX-1 kits.  T..
Display Cable for FX-1 and FX-2
This display cable is available in 15', 25' or 40' lengths. Each FX-1 kit comes with the standard 15..
Optional Pump Sentry & Outside or Alternate Air Sensor
Optional pump sentry and outside or alternate air sensor. This remote sensor is necessary if air co..
FX-1 Control Power Module only
This is the FX-1 control or power module only from the FX-1 digital retro fit kit for marine air con..
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