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Air Conditioning Planning

Comparison of Air Conditioning Powered by 12v DC and 110v AC with Inverter
   Sleep in quiet comfort, no generator necessary with Climma's 4,200 btu a/c unit, small battery bank, and a pure sine wave inverter.

Air Conditioning Installation Diagram
     See how air conditioning easily fits on your vessel

Climma 4200 Air Conditioner Specifications
     The information, all in one download.

Climma 4200 Retail Price List
     Prices for units, pumps, grille & ducting kits

Grille and Duct Price List
     Standard sizes in teak. Call for custom sizes and other wood choices.

Setting up Two A/C Units on One Vega MK3 Control
    How to configure the Vega MK3 control to operate two Climma units.

MarinAire Air Conditioning Specifications
     Information on the 5 different sizes: dimensions, cooling capacity, etc.

MarinAire Air Conditioning Size and Price Matrix
     Prices for complete units and ducting kits including grilles

MarinAire Videos:  

    - See proof of a very low start-up and running current - no energy hog here!

    - See the attractive, easy-to-read illuminated LCD digital display in action

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Phone: (301) 352-5738
Office | Warehouse:
4831 Tesla Dr., Suite H
Bowie, Maryland 20715
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Coastal Climate Control
Cooling, Monitoring & Solar Solutions


Office | Warehouse:
Coastal Climate Control
4831 Tesla Drive
Suite H
Bowie, Maryland 20715
Phone: (301) 352-5738

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