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Refrigeration manuals and operating instructions

Frigoboat Installation and Instruction Manual (Rev 36, July 2016)
     Standard manual explaining how to install a Frigoboat refrigeration system and giving basic instruction with troubleshooting pointers. Updated periodically as new information is received from the field by users and owners.

Bending instructions for Frigoboat's F-type (flat) evaporators
     How to bend a flat aluminum evaporator plate into a "U" or "L" shape to custom fit into an ice box. Also available in Section 6 of the Frigoboat Installation and Instruction Manual above.

Coastal MK II Digital Thermostat Instructions
     Installation and operation instructions for the Coastal digital thermostat.

Guardian Temperature and Speed Control Adjustment and Operations
     Installation and operation instructions for the Guardian compressor speed controller with digital thermostat.

Merlin II Smart Speed Controller Instructions
     The Merlin II mini smart speed control, with LED fault indicator light, installation and operating instructions.

Merlin Smart Speed Controller Instructions
     The original Merlin mini smart speed control installation and operating instructions.

Carel IR-V Thermostat - Wiring, Operation and Adjustment
     Carel digital thermostat installation and operating instructions, specifcally as used on Frigoboat systems.

Smart Speed Control (obsolete) - General Operating Instructions
     The original Smart Speed Control (SSC) installation and operating instructions. This excellent product is no longer available. The replacement product, Merlin II uses the same performance algorithms, but does not have the mounted display.


Wiring Diagrams

AC-DC Controller Wiring (Frigoboat pn E52530)

AC-DC Power Converter 12V Wiring discontinued

AC-DC Power Converter 24V Wiring discontinued

Guardian Temperature and Speed Control Device, installation and wiring diagram

Thermostat (digital and mechanical) to compressor's Control Module, wiring diagram

Merlin, mini Smart Speed Control

SSC (Smart Speed Control) wiring diagram discontinued

W35/W50 - Pump and Thermostat Wiring Directions, with pump interface

W35/W50 - Pump and Thermostat Wiring Directions, with pump relay, two-three systems, one pump


Installation Instructions for Add-ons

Adding a Keel Cooler to a Frigoboat Air or Water-Cooled System

Adding an Air-Add-On Condenser to a Frigoboat Keel-Cooled (K35 or K50) System

Adding an Air-Add-On Condenser to a Frigoboat Water-Cooled (W35 or W50) System

Lid Kit for 340H or 250H Frigoboat Evaporator, Installation Instructions

Spillover Fan, Digital Thermostat Installation Instructions

Spillover Fan, Mechanical Thermostat Installation Instructions


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