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I installed a Frigoboat [keel cooler] unit with the larger size freezer box/ evaporator. The transfer of heat into water is incredibly more efficient than with a radiator and fan. The coolant flows from compressor through the through-hull device [keel cooler] with no secondary fans or seawater pumps required. Silent and saves at least 1-2 amps every hour!
We cruise in Mexico in 75-85 degree water and fridge and small freezer box are never challenged. My box is well insulated and small (4 cubic feet including the evaporator/ freezer compartment). Because our lettuce was freezing with a proper thermostat setting for the freezer, I glued several thin pieces of styrofoam to the bottom of the freezer and now both compartments at perfect temperatures.
- cal20dennis, cruisersforum.com, sailing in Mexico

My Frigoboat system stopped working and my immediate guess was that I had a locked compressor. I called Coastal Climate Control and spoke with both Gretchen and Maureen. They were both very helpful in helping me diagnose the issue and the subsequent need to replace only the controller, which I did myself. The unit started working immediately and I was able to save a fair amount of money. Thank you both for being so friendly and helpful on the phone.
- David B.

We upgraded Zia’s refrigeration and installed a 12-volt dual Frigoboat system with keel coolers. It is another “set it and forget it” system that is penurious with power and nearly silent as well. We can serve ice in our drinks and keep the fish that we catch frozen rock solid.
- Joe B., 51-foot Switch catamaran

Thanks tons Rob for going the extra mile, I can not tell you how pleasant it is dealing with your company. I have recommended and installed about 6 of these [Frigoboat] units in friend’s boats...all because of the product and of course your great service. Keep it up!
- Lynn & Ian s/v Windward

While we were on the hard in Astoria, Oregon we installed two independent Frigoboat keel-cooled systems - one for the fridge (7 cubic feet), one for the freezer (5 cubic feet.) Yes, 12 cubic feet in total. Both of our Frigoboat systems are the same size and use the same components except for the thermostats, which are different. They are "plug and play" and didn't require any additional Freon charging. The lines supplied were plenty long enough to reach from icebox to compressors. The compressors are really small and don't add hardly any heat to the lazarette.
- Anonymous, but happy sailor

I am amazed how well they keep food cold/frozen and how little power they use. Our boat has four 110 watt Kyocera solar panels. We are able to be completely off the grid for days and still make 4 large trays of cocktail ice daily and keep the freezer full, which makes provisioning meat, produce, and dairy less stressful between long legs of the journey.
- Cruisers Forum: Sailor647, Norseman 400

I have a Frigoboat air cooled refrigeration system that cools a 9 cu ft box that holds a 1.5 cu ft freezer section. Love it.
- Skipmac, Pearson 422, on Cruisers Forum


about Vitrifrigo refrigeration

The time to replace my never cold fridge has come as expected. After reading numerous reviews will be going with the Vitrifrigo DP 2600 stainless. Was a choice to spend $1300 on a pos or spend the $1800 to get a great product.
- Dino (SeaRay Forum 5/4/17), 2002 380 Searay Sundancer

I also installed the Vitrifrigo (undercounter refrigerator). Easily made it down through the cabin door and nice fit, with flange kit. Fridge is awesome; good quality fit and finish. Outside dimensions are smaller than original ref., but interior room is more. It is super quiet and has nice LED interior light.
- Potis, Sea Ray 340 DA


about Solara solar panels

Greetings from Tahiti. The solar panels are fabulous. They give us so much power.
- John W., Lagoon 440 on passage from BVI to Australia, with 6x 120w Solara PowerM panels and Genasun GV-10 solar controllers

We're currently in Guadeloupe. Boat is doing well, I wish everything else was as maintenance free as our Solar panels.
- Leopard 46 with 6x 120w Solara PowerM panels and Genasun GV-10 solar controllers


about Solbian solar panels

Our first solar panels didn’t work,” says Annie, “then we got these Solbian brand ones from Italy that have worked really well.
- Eric & Annie, El Gato, Catana 47 (Latitude38.com)

There was other damage. The two remaining Aurinco solar panels died, bringing their failure rate to a perfect 9 for 9. The two Solbian panels provided enough charge with judicious use of sheet to tiller steering [to conserve power as vs using the “impressive Pelagic tiller pilot”].
- D. Webb (Sailing Anarchy), aboard Gannet

I purchased a 100 watt Solbian flexible solar panel and voltage regular from your company at the Annapolis Sailboat show a few years ago. Worked like a charm and was extremely happy with the system. I sold my boat recently and bought another one so I want to install the same panel on the new boat.
- M.Doran, Canada


About the EasyStart:

Many thanks. I already looked at the [EasyStart] video and it is convincing.
- Bob H, Catalina 320, Pensacola FL


about our Blog and Newsletter and in General (Join us!)

I’d just like to thank you for being so helpful, and Maureen for being so efficient with our order; it was a pleasure doing business with you!
- Tracy B., Island Dreams Yacht Services, Grenada

They are never your average boring email blasts that most places send out!!! Nice job!
- Holly F., saleswoman extraordinaire: SpinSheet, PropTalk, PortBook

I have written previously about your blog and I am doing so again. Who writes the blog? It is always extremely well written and informative, and useful - even for topics for which I have no direct interest. Don't stop!
- John W, happy customer


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