Maine Boatbuilders Show, March 20-22, 2015

MBBS-2014-336x376Come join us in Portland Maine for the annual Maine Boatbuilders Show. It brings boat builders together with boat buyers or those with wishful ideas - a pleasurable experience for everyone at this very authentic show.

Portland Yacht Services again hosts this delightful melding of classic vessel craftsmanship with new technology, both wood and fiberglass; lobster style boats sit pretty nest to the newest designs that honor traditional lines. Talk to the people who do the building, supply the parts, provide the access to the boat of your dreams. This show attracts those from all over the United States and from much futher abroad!

This unique experience in a town that provides itself with providing great hospitality is a must-see on everyone's calendar.


Marine Cooling, Refrigeration, Monitoring, And Solar Solutions

Are you a boat owner, or soon-to-be boat owner, with questions about your vessel's systems? Let us help you find those answers. For example:

    • Want to know how many amp/hours your solar panel is putting into your battery bank? Philippi's PSM System Monitor can help you there.
    • Water-cooled vs air-cooled refrigeration, see "Which Condensing unit should I use" in Refrigeration > Planning.
    • Where does one begin when planning for solar panels on a boat? With "Marine Solar Panels Planning and Installation Guide in Solar > Planning.
    • Can you have air-conditioning on your boat without running a generator, or the engine, or being plugged into 115v power? (Hint: Yes!)

If you don't see the answer to your questions in our website, blog, facebook, or twitter posts, then contact us directly. We will respond as soon as possible.

We are the online marine solution source you can trust and we offer the best products for your boat.

Shop our online inventory today.

Frigoboat Marine Refrigeration

Vitrifigo America

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solara marine solar panels

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Micro Air Inc

MSI Marine Systems

Energy1 Marine

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